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UrbanLab SMCS

Face Your World’s ‘UrbanLab’ has spawned a follow-up. From 15 October through 6 November 2005, Face Your World was presented in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. At a series of meetings, people could contribute to the consultations, reflection about the process thus far, and the further elaboration of the various objects. The museum space was utilised for an experimental process that interwove participation (of the neighbourhood and otherwise), political decision-making and creative imagination.
The design process presented in the Stedelijk Museum (October 2005) The design process presented in the Stedelijk Museum (October 2005)

Approval of the design

After a number of minimal modifications, the design for the Staalman Park was definitively approved by the District Council on 1 March 2006. The park was planned to be completed in mid-2009. Thanks to the far-reaching engagement that Face Your World has managed to generate in the neighbourhood, it was decided to utilise this and further intensify it.

Opening UrbanWorkshop Slotervaart

The ‘UrbanWorkshop Slotervaart' (StedelijkeWerkplaats Slotervaart) has been introduced in order to maintain the existing engagement of residents and give it further encouragement. Plenty of ideas have now been put forward regarding the park’s realization, as well as its management and upkeep. This preparedness to work together on the development of the park also presents the possibility of intensively involving the neighbourhood during the realization phase.
UrbanWorkshop Slotervaart (November 2006) UrbanWorkshop Slotervaart (November 2006)

Developing the Staalman

In cooperation with visual artist Florentijn Hofman the young adults who attend de Blauwe Olifant (‘Blue Elephant’) vocational training centre participated in the development of a statue for the park. De Staalman became a 10 metres high sculpture, a big strong bear with pillow under his arm. It symbolise both the toughness and the softness of the inhabitants of the Staalmanplein neighbourhood and their commitment to the area.